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Shakey's Online

Corporate Profile


In 1954, Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson pooled his funds with those of college friend, Ed Plummer, to open the first Shakey’s outlet. The building was a remodeled grocery store located at 57th and “J” Streets in Sacramento, California. The parlor opened on Friday evening, April 30. The restaurant has grossed millions of dollars and is a successful Shakey’s outlet today.

Shakey’s began to expand outside the United States with the opening of a restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on February 15, 1968.

On March 15, 1975, the first Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, under Golden Pizza, Inc., opened in the Philippines. Located along Makati Avenue, Shakey’s Ayala, as it was fondly called, became a big hit in Manila. Known as the “Home of the Original Thin Crust Pizza and The World’s Greatest Pizza”, Shakey’s offered great food and great fun in a great place. With its old-time favorites: Manager’s Choice, Chick ‘n’ Chips and the famous Mojo potatoes, Shakey’s became a household name all over the Philippines.

From the original Shakey’s Ayala, the Shakey’s family has grown to more than 80 restaurants nationwide.

As all businesses must do, Shakey’s has responded to societal changes and moods, and has gone through various phases in its 30 years. While originally catering mostly to the mid-afternoon and early-evening crowd, Shakey’s has changed its image and ambience to feature the present family-oriented, wholesome, and clean atmosphere, which appeals to young professionals and the family crowd.

While starting off as a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation, International Family Foods Services, Inc., the local licensee of Shakey’s, was purchased by the Antelope group in 1987, under the helmsmanship of Antonio Prieto Jr., the elder brother of Mr. Leo Prieto. They believed they could bring Shakey’s the personal touch, which San Miguel had difficulty supplying due to its immense size. After said move, IFFSI took over the management and operations of its company-owned stores.

Currently, Shakey’s thrives under the management of Mr. Leo Prieto, Jr., Chairman & CEO of International Family Food Services, Inc. (IFFSI-Shakey’s).

While we continue to be at the forefront of the pizza business, we will not rest our laurels. For sure, many changes will still occur in the future and adjustment will have to be done in order for Shakey’s to be the leader once again and live up to "nothing shakes like Shakey's".